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Kyle Isaacson


Kyle has the experience to identify cost-efficient ways to scientifically improve current products and develop new technologies for your business.

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Experience and Projects

Diverse applications of nanotechnology

Microscope in Laboratory

Drug Delivery

Specialized Nanoparticles

Engineered temperature-responsive and enzyme-degradable nanoparticles to boost localization in diseased tissues.

Test Tubes

Biomedical Devices

Applied Materials

Designed hernia meshes with heightened elasticity using intricate weave design and high-strength recombinant spider silk.


Fertilizer and Agrochemical Sustainability

Developed superior herbicides and nanofertilizers, effectively reducing volatility and increasing nutritional efficiency to enhance crop yields.

Irrigation System


Nanophotonic Innovation

Invented a lensless imaging device with application in cell phone and augmented reality systems.

Fibre Optics
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